Must Love (Baby) Bunny

Season’s Greetings Card Crafters!

(I can’t even believe it’s the Christmas season already!)

Are you all busy paper crafting?

So I figured it was time to update my blog.  It’s been quite a long time since I shared anything with you all.  I’ve been such a busy bunny lately!


Yep, that’s right, we are expecting our first baby.  This is the handmade card that I gave my husband to share the news with him.

The supplies for this card are as follows:

  • Mama Elephant Arctic Penguins Stamp Set
  • Stamp Blocks
  • Alphabet Detachable Block (I got mine at Michael’s Crafts) – the possibilities are endless with this craft supply!
  • Alcohol Brush markers

So yes, I’ve only had a chance to make a handful of greeting cards over the last few months.  I will try to set some time aside to share some of them with you (I managed to at least take pictures prior to gifting them to my loved ones).

So with that said, I’m in nesting mode (already).  And I’ve been missing blogging so much.  I’ve been thinking I will start blogging about home/baking/cooking/baby, so stay tuned for a Must Love (House) Bunny WordPress blog to be created (I’ll link it in my “About” page).

It’s amazing how much life has changed, I couldn’t be happier.



p.s. I haven’t even thought about my handmade Christmas cards this year (this is now behind in life I am right now).  In the meantime, check out the cards I made last year below/here:


p.p.s. I clearly need some last minute inspiration on some card crafting handmade Christmas greeting cards, so please leave me a link to your work in the comments. 🙂



Hello Baby Handmade Card

Greetings Card Crafters!

The weather is phenomenal here in YYC and I’ve been so busy lately.  I received my recently ordered baby stamp set (and yes I went with Lawn Fawn) and have been antsy to create greeting cards with them.  Today I finally set some time aside to play with this darling stamp set: “Hello Baby“.


I’m really getting the hang of these brush markers.  Blending is fun!  When I grow up, I want to own copic markers, but until then I will stick to my amateur Home Sense markers.  Speaking of brush markers, I was pleasantly surprised to find how pretty the back of my colouring page was.  It looks like watercolour versions of the little darling stamps.


Pretty right?  Who would have thought that all of this beauty was happening while I was trying to create something on the other side.  It’s these little things in life that truly inspire me.  I didn’t use these versions for my projects today but who knows in the future!


I can’t get over these little cuties and I can’t wait to give them to my expecting friends.


For this greeting card you will need:

  • Lawn Fawn Hello Baby Stamp
  • Grass Stamp (Or you could just use a green marker to draw tall grass) – cut out the grass so you can place the bunnies within the “strands”.
  • Coloured (of choice – I used blue/green and white polkadots) and white cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife (I used these to cut slits into the puddle of water to insert the duckies
  • Glue
  • Sequins

Stamp ’em all out, colour ’em up, and cut ’em out.  Chose your coloured paper for choice.  Arrange your card how you like it.  Use my arrangements as inspiration above for come up with your own.  All of the animals are so cute and there are endless combinations.  Glue everything down.  Stamp out your greeting and add a few sequins.


Just. Too. Freaking. Cute. Right?  I had a design all picked out for the Frog Prince so I will share that one once it is finished.


I hope you enjoyed these new baby handmade cards.  I would like to see how you used this stamp set so please leave me a comment so I can follow your card making adventures.




Must Love Baby Handmade Card

Happy Thursday Paper Crafters!

Today’s blog post is one of my favourite handmade greeting cards from 2015.  A girlfriend asked me to make her a card to give to her soon-to-be mom friend.  Of course I said I would help her out!  She really let me run with the design and said to surprise her.  So off I went, in search of some ideas for a new bundle of joy card.  When I first came across this card design here I was so totally inspired!  It was so cute I had to make this for my friends friend.


Card making supplies that you will need:

  • Paper (solid black and pink for the background, white for the cute lil face, and 3 different patterned paper)
  • Paper Trimmer (Thumbs up for Fiskars)
  • Markers & Pencil Crayons
  • Ribbon (small piece, frayed for the cute lil hair)
  • A couple bow stickers and embellishments
  • Scalloped Scissors (Again, woo hoo for Fiskars)
  • Circle stencil 1 inch and scissors (or punch)
  • Glue (much love for Elmers)
  • Stamps, pen, or label maker to write greeting



I really didn’t measure any of the rectangular pieces – I just roughly estimated each size, arranged and glued.

I used pencil crayons and a black marker to create the face.  I attached a small frayed piece of ribbon to the back of the cute lil head.  For the wrap I cut out a triangle shape and trimmed the top with the scallop scissors.  Assembled the lil one by swaddling the cute lil face on top and finished the baby by adding a couple ribbons.

Added chosen sentiment (I used my label maker), and embellishments.

All done!  When I showed my girlfriend she was so thrilled and couldn’t wait to give it to her expecting mom-friend.

This card was not only fun to make, but also easy!  The finished product looks so perfect and professional (I’m told the receiver of the card physically turned the card over to see which card shop it came from).  There truly is nothing more amazing than a handmade card amiright?

I’m patiently waiting for a friend to have a boy so I can try out the blue colour swatch for this card.  I’m sure yellow or green would be super cute as well.


I hope I inspired you with this card making idea!  I would love to see your version!