Christmas Cards in Spring!

Greetings Homemade Card Crafters!

So it’s never too early (or late I guess) to start thinking about Christmas.  So yes, I’m going back in time and covering the Christmas greeting cards I paper crafted for my loved ones.  Today’s post will be the final of my 2015 handmade card favourites.  I hope you find a little early (or late) inspiration for your Christmas card designs.


First of all, I must take a moment and gush over one of my FIRST EVER stamp sets from Mama Elephant.  The stamp set I used for these cards is Reindeer Games.  I was visiting this site often and love all of the designs that they have created.  It was extremely difficult to pick a set as I wanted one of everything (I still do).  At least it was Christmas time so my options were limited.  I still had to exercise a little bit of self control though because everything is just so darn cute (Ok, I lied, I bought this set too)!

IMG_7697           IMG_7723

For these greeting cards, you will need:

  • Snow globe template (here – free)
  • Christmas Stamp Set (hearting me some Reindeers) and stamp blocks
  • Merry” die cut (woo hoo, thanks again Mama Elephant)
  • Cardstock of choice (I used some regular and textured glitter paper for the base, black and white for the top part of the globe)
  • Colouring utensils of choice (I used plain ol’ Crayola markers and pencil crayons)
  • Scissors (I recently bought a Cameo which would work amazing with the snow globe template – but this project is still easy to do with those reliable crafting scissors)
  • Glue

Trace out and cut your snow globe templates (or “Cameo” them). Stamp out your lil’ reindeer scene of choice.  Colour the little cuties up!  Die cut your “Merry” greeting.  Glue it all together.  Envelope them and seal them with a cute little Christmas sticker (I love stocking up on fun stickers from the dollar store).


I love how these turned out.  I couldn’t wait to give them to my loved ones at Christmas.  I bake cookies every year and gift them in tins.  So adding these hand-made darlings on top of my Christmas baking tins really is the icing on the cookies.  I of course got to keep one (card that is, I kept a dump-truck sized portion of cookies don’t worry) because I hand crafted one for my Husband and bunny for Christmas.  There is no way I was going to be able to part with all of them!

Plus, I’m kind of a hoarder in a sense because I keep ALL cards that are given to me.  Since my teenage years, I’ve always just collected cards.  I guess I’ve always known the value of a greeting card.  They mean a lot to me.  I think that’s why I woke up that one day in early 2015 and decided to start hand making them.


What does 2016 hold in store for my card crafting ideas?  I’ve been admiring some Instagram crafters and their wicked talent of shaker cards.  Since this original template was designed to be so I think some shaker card paper crafting is in my near future.



P.S. Speaking of Instagram, follow my card crafting adventures here (@mustlovebunny), so I can follow yours!


Must Love Baby Handmade Card

Happy Thursday Paper Crafters!

Today’s blog post is one of my favourite handmade greeting cards from 2015.  A girlfriend asked me to make her a card to give to her soon-to-be mom friend.  Of course I said I would help her out!  She really let me run with the design and said to surprise her.  So off I went, in search of some ideas for a new bundle of joy card.  When I first came across this card design here I was so totally inspired!  It was so cute I had to make this for my friends friend.


Card making supplies that you will need:

  • Paper (solid black and pink for the background, white for the cute lil face, and 3 different patterned paper)
  • Paper Trimmer (Thumbs up for Fiskars)
  • Markers & Pencil Crayons
  • Ribbon (small piece, frayed for the cute lil hair)
  • A couple bow stickers and embellishments
  • Scalloped Scissors (Again, woo hoo for Fiskars)
  • Circle stencil 1 inch and scissors (or punch)
  • Glue (much love for Elmers)
  • Stamps, pen, or label maker to write greeting



I really didn’t measure any of the rectangular pieces – I just roughly estimated each size, arranged and glued.

I used pencil crayons and a black marker to create the face.  I attached a small frayed piece of ribbon to the back of the cute lil head.  For the wrap I cut out a triangle shape and trimmed the top with the scallop scissors.  Assembled the lil one by swaddling the cute lil face on top and finished the baby by adding a couple ribbons.

Added chosen sentiment (I used my label maker), and embellishments.

All done!  When I showed my girlfriend she was so thrilled and couldn’t wait to give it to her expecting mom-friend.

This card was not only fun to make, but also easy!  The finished product looks so perfect and professional (I’m told the receiver of the card physically turned the card over to see which card shop it came from).  There truly is nothing more amazing than a handmade card amiright?

I’m patiently waiting for a friend to have a boy so I can try out the blue colour swatch for this card.  I’m sure yellow or green would be super cute as well.


I hope I inspired you with this card making idea!  I would love to see your version!




Handmade Wedding/Anniversary Card

Greetings Card Crafters!

I’m back to share a handmade card I made for a wedding anniversary.  I got the inspiration from here and here!  There is nothing more heart warming than handing a card to someone (that you paper crafted yourself) and for them to turn the card over to see where you bought it.  Priceless.


I used the below tools and supplies for this greeting card:

  • Black and white cardstock for the card and hearts
  • A heart shaped stencil (I used a 6cm stencil – but you could easily download a template online)
  • Polka dot folder and die cutting machine
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Various shaped stamps (see above picture for inspiration) to make the design around the paper heart bride and groom
  • Stamp ink
  • A few beads and small ribbon bows (I got these from the Dollar Store)


I think it turned out great and the person that received it was so thrilled to learn that it was a handmade card!  This card is memorable for me because it was the first wedding card I created.

I think another fun idea for this type of card would be to switch up the colour schemes.  If you know the colours of the wedding that the couple has chosen one could incorporate these colours into the tuxedo heart, beads/bows, and background stamps.

I seem to be drawn towards white backgrounds.  I just like how the stamps and punched cardstock sit on the page.  I am hoping to break out into more fun patterns this year in 2016 and get a little more wild.


I hope you enjoyed this handmade wedding card.  I would love to see what you have come up with too, so leave me a comment so I can check it out!



Hello Cupcake Handmade Card!

Hey there card crafters!

I crafted this handmade birthday card quite a bit for loved ones in 2015.  It’s simple yet colourful.  You can check out the inspiration for this design here (thanks to the one and only Martha Stewart).  See below for more inspiration and a list of items I used to make this greeting card.


For this cupcake greeting card you will need:

  • Cardstock for the card
  • Colourful (include some glitter please) cardstock pieces (this is a great way to use up smaller pieces of leftover cardstock)
  • 1.25 inch Cupcake punch
  • Teeny tiny heart punch
  • Glue (I love the Martha Stewart glue pen – it’s a Tiffany blue colour but dries clear!)
  • Happy birthday embossing folder (for the variation below)
  • Die cutting machine (for the variation below)


Now punch, arrange, and glue!


Aren’t cupcakes the best?  Well aren’t handmade birthday cards the best?





Handmade Card Zero

Card zero?  No, not at all.  More like the start of something wonderful and the first of many.  This card came about because I just couldn’t justify spending an arm and a leg on another retail greeting card.  There are some cards that I purchased that were close to $15!!  So starting in January of 2015 I set out to make my own personal handmade cards to give to friends and my loved ones.  Since this very first card, I’ve never looked back (…at retail store bought cards).


My 2015 journey was one of finding inspiration and ideas (hello Pinterest!).  I will be sharing a few of my favourite card creations throughout 2015 on this blog before moving onto my new stuff for 2016.

I hope to share with you my new and favourite tools and some card crafters that inspired me.  Overall, my intent is to inspire you!  Gifting something hand-made is the most amazing feeling in the world because it’s completely personal and it comes from the heart.

I hope that you will join me on my cardstock, glitter and glue journey of handmade cards.