Handmade Wedding/Anniversary Card

Greetings Card Crafters!

I’m back to share a handmade card I made for a wedding anniversary.  I got the inspiration from here and here!  There is nothing more heart warming than handing a card to someone (that you paper crafted yourself) and for them to turn the card over to see where you bought it.  Priceless.


I used the below tools and supplies for this greeting card:

  • Black and white cardstock for the card and hearts
  • A heart shaped stencil (I used a 6cm stencil – but you could easily download a template online)
  • Polka dot folder and die cutting machine
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Various shaped stamps (see above picture for inspiration) to make the design around the paper heart bride and groom
  • Stamp ink
  • A few beads and small ribbon bows (I got these from the Dollar Store)


I think it turned out great and the person that received it was so thrilled to learn that it was a handmade card!  This card is memorable for me because it was the first wedding card I created.

I think another fun idea for this type of card would be to switch up the colour schemes.  If you know the colours of the wedding that the couple has chosen one could incorporate these colours into the tuxedo heart, beads/bows, and background stamps.

I seem to be drawn towards white backgrounds.  I just like how the stamps and punched cardstock sit on the page.  I am hoping to break out into more fun patterns this year in 2016 and get a little more wild.


I hope you enjoyed this handmade wedding card.  I would love to see what you have come up with too, so leave me a comment so I can check it out!




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