Handmade Card Zero

Card zero?  No, not at all.  More like the start of something wonderful and the first of many.  This card came about because I just couldn’t justify spending an arm and a leg on another retail greeting card.  There are some cards that I purchased that were close to $15!!  So starting in January of 2015 I set out to make my own personal handmade cards to give to friends and my loved ones.  Since this very first card, I’ve never looked back (…at retail store bought cards).


My 2015 journey was one of finding inspiration and ideas (hello Pinterest!).  I will be sharing a few of my favourite card creations throughout 2015 on this blog before moving onto my new stuff for 2016.

I hope to share with you my new and favourite tools and some card crafters that inspired me.  Overall, my intent is to inspire you!  Gifting something hand-made is the most amazing feeling in the world because it’s completely personal and it comes from the heart.

I hope that you will join me on my cardstock, glitter and glue journey of handmade cards.




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